Thursday, July 06, 2006

First off, I want to try to post the picture that wouldn't @#*#&^ post last time, of one of the little watercolors I did from a lily in my backyard. Remember drawing with crayons as a kid and then putting watercolor over it? How cool it was that the wax acted as a resist? Well, it's still fun now, with oil pastel and watercolor. It looks like this! (left, yay, it worked this time). I will be posting this to etsy as soon as I finish some housekeeping there.

I read a post by dyno, one of the grand mentors of etsy, something along the lines of "To all those who ask, why haven't I sold anything?" Since I hadn't, I figured it would be a good post to read. Yup. It was like a swift and justified kick in the pants. So now I am creating extra photos to upload (closeups of my art, what it would look like in a frame), working on optimizing for the search, more tags, better descriptions. We'll see if that helps.

Tonight I tried a new thing in my newest crafting hobby: quilting. I've made a couple of blankets so far, and while my piecing skills are not too bad (sewing a straight line), and my stitch-in-the-ditch quilting skills are ok (again, straight lines), I have completely shied away from any free-motion quilting. WOW, what have I been missing? FUN FUN FUN! Like drawing really fast with a sharp moving object. excellent.

The other day I tried a technique from a recent Quilting Arts magazine on some scraps I have sitting around. I went and got a big ol' dinnerplate hibiscus from the back garden and used it as a fabric stamp. Then I stitched a few more scraps for a border, took down the feed dogs on the machine and let er rip! wow, that is a LOT of fun. I'm sure it isn't technically very good, but I thought it went really well for a first try. Here's how it looks so far (right). Yep, the fabrics really are almost as screaming loud as they look in the picture. it's not quite as garish as it looks, the flash of the camera really makes the fabric paint pick up this weird neon blue sheen.

ok. that's it for this... I need to figure out how to add myself to the etsy blogging ring...